The Blake Chronicles: San Francisco - 1850

Last of Edgar
I got away

I got away. finaly. I feel bad for the urchin but I got to do wats good for me. hell understand somday.

wen we got to the shaman, he told us to help him with the richul. we askd wat we needd to do, and he told us to go to fary land. I dont know nuthin about farys. J sayd he dos. so we went thru this hol in the air. all of a suddn we wer standin on watr! standin, not swimmin. I wasnt scard, I was exitd. for to long I havnt been abl to go on watr, but her I was.

J likd the water, cuz he was thirsty, he sayd. poof, he was insid the watr, but culdnt get out, like it was glass. the sherif used his sord to get to J, and then the sherif was in the watr. I got rop and shovd it into the watr. the sherif and J got out, cuz of me. im not just strong.

we got to a forest, and som wolfs atakd us. we killd them easy. then we got to this desert place. that proud guy was ther. we askd him about the livin fir, and he ran. I almost got him but he got away. we followd him thru the hol in the air that he usd. and ther it was, the livin fir.

we finaly got the livin fir to the shaman, aftr it burnt down the city. then I sayd ‘release me now, shaman.’ and he sayd that we wernt don yet. WAT? we almost drown, get etin by wolfs, burnt to deth, and he wants mor? DAMN INJUN!

well we went and stol the erth hart. it was a big ruby. J wantd to keep it, but I mad him giv it. we kept the gold, tho.

then we had to tak watr from the bay to him in a cup. and we culdnt spill a drop. me and the sherif did it, tho. not a drop! wer awsom.

then we had to fit forevr. we fott for lik a week strat! after a few days, the proud guy showd up. he was the summr nit! we wer tird but we still fott him. we almost had him, wen he took me out. my rit arm and rit leg ar gone. aftr we killd him, the shaman relesd me. finaly. I hopd away as fast as I culd. just befor I got away I herd that marshals vois say to the sherif, ‘My contacts tel me Edgr Yurga was her. Hav you seen him?’

I cant wait til I get bak to my Esmeralda.

wat ar you
really wat ar you

so we wake up to warwolvs attaking us. they ar takin out and we capturd one of them. I am so hungry that I want to eat him but they dont let me. they say they want to talk to him. so the docter told me to feed off him. it was funny. I told him I needed to make him scard first and he said ‘I dont get scard.’ but I saw the fear in his eyes when I grabbd his arm. everyone is scard of me. I inspir fear in the strongest hartd. so he let me feed and I noticd that the warwolf was scard of me too. poor littl boy almost peed himself just caus I was ther. so I left to catch something. animals ar mor fun than humans. easier to scar to deth. the docter got back with two rabits and the boy ran off with one.

we got goin again and then I saw clouds of dust, so I told toby the docter. he sayd that ther ar Indians on the hill, and K ran off for them as a dog. she was shot with arrows and J mad her invisibel. notis that they ar from the trib of the shamen. call to them and they com down to us. one of them mad fun of me in indian, and I scard his hors and sayd ‘Now that’s funny’ when the hors ran off. and the other Indians laffd. they like me, even thoh I scar them. they escorted me and the gang to the shamen.

we got ther and met the shamen. I alredy knew the shamen, caus he is the one that bound me to the land. I hat him. I wish he would die. I mite kill him. not today thoh. so the others askd him about the thing in the mine. the shaman tom told us that it is a god in the mine. a evil god of earth and greed. the ‘devourer’ or somthin. so we try to figur somthin out to fix the issue, caus the docter dosnt want to kill all the humans in SF. I wouldnt mind but its caus the shamen makes me do it that I dont want to. the docter lookd at me wierd lik he was shockd or somthin. humans ar my food so I askd him if he liks to eat, and he sayd no! so I had to ask him ‘wat ar you’ caus that dosnt mak sens. somone that dosnt lik to eat dosnt lik to live I think. I wont eat him today thoh.

After a hour or two I thott of somthin. if the shamen needs the mine clear for the ritual, why not ask K to clear it out for a week or two? it wont solve the prollem forever, but it will work for a wile. hopfully this clears the dett with the shamen. I wanna be out on the sea again!

damn injun
he found me

this is the shamengrrr. it happend. that damn injun found me. he calld me to clear the ‘white man’ from the land. like its his land to clear anyway. we ruled it long before his monkey face crawld out of his mother. but he caught me with his magic, and bound me to this body. grawl hate him.
he came up to me in frunt of tallias inn. he told me ‘its time’ and ran away befor tallia came out to tell him off. then her and the urchin and me went inside. not too minuts later and some big rich guy comes in and is bullying K. we dont stand for stuff like that. we got up and got in his face. I was so mad. too peeple embarissin me in one day. he ran off befor we could hurt him, but he was scard. could see it in his eyes. J got a couple of dollurs from his pockets first, though.

we overheard him say somethin weerd, and ther waz a paper in his pocket that talkd about a ‘lady.’ tallia said somethin about fairys and stuff, so we all went to Ks mine to see what was goin on. we got there and J felt somethin scary and greedy in the mine. somethin old. it was so bad he ran out of there. we decided to talk to a injun shamen to find out what we could do to fight it, and see whats goin on with all uh the fairys.

thats meso we went back to the inn, and got a waggun. sints i cant go over water, we hav to go around, and it will take a wile. J said that he saw sumthin weerd with tallia, but I didnt listen. we needed to go. but then I found out that tallia toby and the sherrif are the same people! like me, but they look diffrent. we were weerded out. but its ok. we left, and talked about each other on are way around the water. toby still doesnt know what I am but I dont want to scare him. he tried to feel my hartbeet, but didn’t, and she/he was scared, but not as much as he would be.

we camped out and MAN AM I HUNGRY. didnt get a good MEAL before we left, so I am starvin. warwolvs attackd us, but we beat them off. was surprisd at how strong the sharrif is. K and J to.


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