Tallia Morgan


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Name: Tallia Morgan
Power Level: Feet in the Water
Campaign: The Blake Chronicles
Player: blkunicorn
Current FP Refresh
1 1
High Concept: Trouble:
3 Faces of my Magic Mirror Tied to Mirror
     Other Aspects:
Mover and Shaker The Point of the Spear Out of my Time
On Call Serve and Protect
               Talia: Stunts & Powers
Cost Ability
+ 2 Item Of Power – - “Mirror”
-1 Mirror Form 1
-1 Mirror Form 2
-4 Supernatural Recovery
+3 The Catch Silver
-2 Kinetomancy
-1 Lush Lifestyle
-1 I know Just the Guy
-1 Psychometry
               Martin: Stunts & Powers
Cost Ability
-2 Enchanter
-2 Enchantment Specialization
-1 Dual-Wield
               Tobias: Stunts & Powers
Cost Ability
-3 Thaumaturgy
-1 Medical Doctor
-1 Counslor
Tallia: Skills:
Superb +5 (None)
Great +4 Resources, Conviction
Good +3 Presence, Discipline
Fair +2 Contacts, Investigation
Average +1 Survival, Empathy, Rapport, Intimidation
Marty: Skills:
Superb +5 (None)
Great +4 Craftsmanship, Weapons
Good +3 Alertness, Guns
Fair +2 Athletics, Endurance, Lore
Average +1 Might, Survival, Stealth
Toby: Skills:
Superb +5 (None)
Great +4 Empathy, Lore
Good +3 Scholarship, Investigation
Fair +2 Athletics, Teamster
Average +1 Performance, Conviction, Rapport, Alertness
Tallia Marty Toby
Stress Stress Stress
1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6
Physical O O Physical O O O Physical O O
Mental O O 0 0 Mental O O Mental O O 0
Social O O 0 Social O O Social O O
Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Social -2 No
Moderate Social -4 No
Severe Any -6 No
Extreme Any -8 No Replace a Permanent
Tallia: Inventory/Notes
Pack Mule Inventory
Food, Flint & steel, Pot & Pan, Water, Tinder, Waxed Canvas Tarp, Sack of grain, Fishing Pole, 2 oil lamps, Spare Oil, 30 feet of rope, tack kit
Inventory on Horses
Blanket rolls, Full canteens, Saddle bags with spare cloths and a nuts and dried meat trail mix, skinning knife, ponchos,
Marty: Inventory/Notes
Hunting rifle, Bow and Arrows, hunting knife
Enchanted Weapons
(4) Wakizashi x 2 Damage 2
Acts as catch 4 points towards toughness Powers
(3) Gun Damage 2
Exploding bullets Damage 4
5 Shots
(5) Duster Armor 6
5 Charges
Toby: Inventory/Notes
Medicine bag inventory
Wood alcohol, Linen bandages, metronome, Maggots, leaches, catgut, Penicillin, stethoscope, White willow bark, Morphine, kit of Scalpels, Syringes and needles kit, leather straps, forceps, Folding Magnifying Glass, sample tubes, lancet kit, anti venom kit, etc …..

The dark queen, now returned back to the facade of beauty she shows the world, walks through the dark hallways of her manor. They all think she is dead and her power broken. They’re all wrong.

The hall ends at a large door of old oak with iron hinges and handle. It makes no sound as she pushes it open to reveal a room full of mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes all elegant and masterfully crafted. She walks forward scrutinizing the mirrors before making her choice. She chose a hand mirror made of turquoise and white gold it was perfect for a lady but not for a queen. No gems or ivory to attract attention, something that carries easily. She takes it back to her chambers where she will imbue the mirror with the power to make her stronger than ever.

What do the Faye value more than anything? The human soul, it is our consciousness, our memories, our awareness, and some shine brighter than others. This is true power, to capture such souls who ave their own magic to add to hers and more, knowledge of the future. The year is 1612 she would take them from 200 year intervals and with powers that will make her unstoppable. Her power was limited to the mirror magic and simple potions. Though her power to imbue mirrors was unsurpassed, none save The Merlin himself was her equal and so what if he could do more than mirrors, she had grater imagination. He was a fool to see the mortal world as something to protect. They had been made grater and those without magic were made for them to rule, and those with lesser power made for her to use.

First she chose a woman born in 1820 with the power to move objects with her mind, she was well educated with a firm understanding of her world and a love of history. With this power she would stop those fools who would attack her with the barbaric weapons of this time. Next she chose a man and warrior born in 2015, he had the power to imbue anything with magic. He was far from her equal but it rid herself of that limitation. With his potential and her imagination that power would not be wasted by his small mind. Last she chose a healer, he was small in stature but carried great knowledge of the history of medicine. Born in the year 2225, his power was Biomancy. This power she attached to the mirror its self. It gave her the ability to instantly heal from almost any wound, she would rarely need sleep and never get sick.

She would now be a goddess before their eyes, she would make them kneel before her and beg for forgiveness for challenging her majesty. The first to pay would be Snow White and her protectors. The Mirror now had a dim glow from carrying the three souls, she could feel the power in the mirror just out of reach. She looked into it and saw their faces with varying degrees of anger and outrage at their situation. Now came the fun part, bending those souls to her will and taking control of their powers.

Just as she was thinking of the best way to start, three men with swords appeared in her chamber. The first said “congratulations you just broke four of the seven laws of magic with one spell. We are the wardens and you have been judged.” The strokes came swift and sure, not even the mirrors power to heal could save her, but she has one last move to prevent her death from being permanent. She flees into the mirror.

The wardens take the mirror to the White Council and The Merlin meets them there. He Enters the mirror to face the dark queen and finds that it is a gilded prison. He is met by the three souls now trapped within as they had been torn from their time and their bodies. He calms them and says “First we must deal with the dark queen then we will look for a solution to your problem.”Together they cross the Japanese garden, complete with koi pond and Bonsai trees with arched bridges and decking over zen garden patches, till they arrive at a large windowed building that does not fit with the landscaping. The Merlin had never seen anything like it, Tobias spoke up and identified it as his beach house on Deneb III and Martin said the garden was one he loved to visit in Portland Oregon. The Merlin shakes his head, they were very far out of their time.

He asks them if there is anything they see that they do not recognize. All three agree they do not recognize the cottage on the back of the lot. The Merlin tells them to stay where they are and heads to the small building. All three are aware of the seven laws of magic and who The Merlin is and now that they have time to think they cannot help but wonder what fate the council will decide for them, if they can be freed from this gilded cage. After a time The Merlin returns and tells them that the dark queen is now caged and that they are not to go into the cottage no matter what they may hear coming from it. All three give their oath to do so, though they know this may mean that they are trapped for good or ill.

The Merlin leaves the mirror to discus the fate of Tallia, Tobias and Martin with the council.
The wait for them is long but he returns with good news. They would send the Mirror to Tallia’s time where she would live out her life in her own body and when her time is up then Martin would live his life in his own time and last Tobias would return to his own time to live out his. They could switch between them in effect sharing bodies though they would always look like themselves when out and help each other in whatever challenges come their way. So their story begins.

Tallia Morgan

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