The Blake Chronicles: San Francisco - 1850

wat ar you

really wat ar you

so we wake up to warwolvs attaking us. they ar takin out and we capturd one of them. I am so hungry that I want to eat him but they dont let me. they say they want to talk to him. so the docter told me to feed off him. it was funny. I told him I needed to make him scard first and he said ‘I dont get scard.’ but I saw the fear in his eyes when I grabbd his arm. everyone is scard of me. I inspir fear in the strongest hartd. so he let me feed and I noticd that the warwolf was scard of me too. poor littl boy almost peed himself just caus I was ther. so I left to catch something. animals ar mor fun than humans. easier to scar to deth. the docter got back with two rabits and the boy ran off with one.

we got goin again and then I saw clouds of dust, so I told toby the docter. he sayd that ther ar Indians on the hill, and K ran off for them as a dog. she was shot with arrows and J mad her invisibel. notis that they ar from the trib of the shamen. call to them and they com down to us. one of them mad fun of me in indian, and I scard his hors and sayd ‘Now that’s funny’ when the hors ran off. and the other Indians laffd. they like me, even thoh I scar them. they escorted me and the gang to the shamen.

we got ther and met the shamen. I alredy knew the shamen, caus he is the one that bound me to the land. I hat him. I wish he would die. I mite kill him. not today thoh. so the others askd him about the thing in the mine. the shaman tom told us that it is a god in the mine. a evil god of earth and greed. the ‘devourer’ or somthin. so we try to figur somthin out to fix the issue, caus the docter dosnt want to kill all the humans in SF. I wouldnt mind but its caus the shamen makes me do it that I dont want to. the docter lookd at me wierd lik he was shockd or somthin. humans ar my food so I askd him if he liks to eat, and he sayd no! so I had to ask him ‘wat ar you’ caus that dosnt mak sens. somone that dosnt lik to eat dosnt lik to live I think. I wont eat him today thoh.

After a hour or two I thott of somthin. if the shamen needs the mine clear for the ritual, why not ask K to clear it out for a week or two? it wont solve the prollem forever, but it will work for a wile. hopfully this clears the dett with the shamen. I wanna be out on the sea again!



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