The Blake Chronicles: San Francisco - 1850

Last of Edgar

I got away

I got away. finaly. I feel bad for the urchin but I got to do wats good for me. hell understand somday.

wen we got to the shaman, he told us to help him with the richul. we askd wat we needd to do, and he told us to go to fary land. I dont know nuthin about farys. J sayd he dos. so we went thru this hol in the air. all of a suddn we wer standin on watr! standin, not swimmin. I wasnt scard, I was exitd. for to long I havnt been abl to go on watr, but her I was.

J likd the water, cuz he was thirsty, he sayd. poof, he was insid the watr, but culdnt get out, like it was glass. the sherif used his sord to get to J, and then the sherif was in the watr. I got rop and shovd it into the watr. the sherif and J got out, cuz of me. im not just strong.

we got to a forest, and som wolfs atakd us. we killd them easy. then we got to this desert place. that proud guy was ther. we askd him about the livin fir, and he ran. I almost got him but he got away. we followd him thru the hol in the air that he usd. and ther it was, the livin fir.

we finaly got the livin fir to the shaman, aftr it burnt down the city. then I sayd ‘release me now, shaman.’ and he sayd that we wernt don yet. WAT? we almost drown, get etin by wolfs, burnt to deth, and he wants mor? DAMN INJUN!

well we went and stol the erth hart. it was a big ruby. J wantd to keep it, but I mad him giv it. we kept the gold, tho.

then we had to tak watr from the bay to him in a cup. and we culdnt spill a drop. me and the sherif did it, tho. not a drop! wer awsom.

then we had to fit forevr. we fott for lik a week strat! after a few days, the proud guy showd up. he was the summr nit! we wer tird but we still fott him. we almost had him, wen he took me out. my rit arm and rit leg ar gone. aftr we killd him, the shaman relesd me. finaly. I hopd away as fast as I culd. just befor I got away I herd that marshals vois say to the sherif, ‘My contacts tel me Edgr Yurga was her. Hav you seen him?’

I cant wait til I get bak to my Esmeralda.


Good-bye Edgar. Hopefully your replacement can spell.

Last of Edgar

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