The Blake Chronicles: San Francisco - 1850

damn injun

he found me

this is the shamengrrr. it happend. that damn injun found me. he calld me to clear the ‘white man’ from the land. like its his land to clear anyway. we ruled it long before his monkey face crawld out of his mother. but he caught me with his magic, and bound me to this body. grawl hate him.
he came up to me in frunt of tallias inn. he told me ‘its time’ and ran away befor tallia came out to tell him off. then her and the urchin and me went inside. not too minuts later and some big rich guy comes in and is bullying K. we dont stand for stuff like that. we got up and got in his face. I was so mad. too peeple embarissin me in one day. he ran off befor we could hurt him, but he was scard. could see it in his eyes. J got a couple of dollurs from his pockets first, though.

we overheard him say somethin weerd, and ther waz a paper in his pocket that talkd about a ‘lady.’ tallia said somethin about fairys and stuff, so we all went to Ks mine to see what was goin on. we got there and J felt somethin scary and greedy in the mine. somethin old. it was so bad he ran out of there. we decided to talk to a injun shamen to find out what we could do to fight it, and see whats goin on with all uh the fairys.

thats meso we went back to the inn, and got a waggun. sints i cant go over water, we hav to go around, and it will take a wile. J said that he saw sumthin weerd with tallia, but I didnt listen. we needed to go. but then I found out that tallia toby and the sherrif are the same people! like me, but they look diffrent. we were weerded out. but its ok. we left, and talked about each other on are way around the water. toby still doesnt know what I am but I dont want to scare him. he tried to feel my hartbeet, but didn’t, and she/he was scared, but not as much as he would be.

we camped out and MAN AM I HUNGRY. didnt get a good MEAL before we left, so I am starvin. warwolvs attackd us, but we beat them off. was surprisd at how strong the sharrif is. K and J to.


Looks like Silas might need to pay Edgar a little visit to learn him his letters a little better (although I don’t think Tarot would like the 1800’s). I guess you don’t need to know the rules about the silent “E” and other grammar when you’ve lived at sea. Great log, GK.

damn injun

ha ha thanks! =D

damn injun

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